1. @ferrovic Whatever then stop talking shit. Come on all this started because of you saying shit you idiot.

  2. @TheAwhi you ran away more than once yet you claim im a 6 years old dumbfuck lol btw your dad is making a good job teaching you how to cuss, i regard some improvement 😛
    fine, look, now im seriously bored and sick of replying to your jabbering, game over for real. you can say watever you want, do what kids do when they dont know how to reply, start talking shit about my mom looool buhbye kiddo, hopefully forever :-/

  3. @ferrovic Whatever, you may be better than me at talking trash, pissing off people a being a little six-year old cunt on the web, child but in real life im you are BRAVE come up to me and talk your fag garbage. But as i said little kid fags are dumb and it doesnot make sense using badwords (you are exceptional!!) . AND As i said i dont run away from fights you dumb shit.

  4. @TheAwhi you sound younger than a yuppy puppy kiddo, you dont know how to fight, you suck at cussing, you even copied “copy cat” from me, and you called me a copy cat, i laughed for 5 minutes when i read your comment, write this on your stinky rusty fag brain: you are sissy, you can never ever be a man
    dont even think about typing me, you’ll get owned, just like you did in more than 20 comments 🙂
    game over Mr. gayman resident lmfao

  5. @ferrovic Well then shut up kid, respect your elders and go cry somewhere else “Copy Cat”.

  6. @TheAwhi stfu i’m bored of replying to your sissy comments kiddo, go get gay somewhere else fagrid fan

  7. @ferrovic How old are u six? i mean all the HAHAHAHAH and the YAHAHAHAH i was going to curse you out bad little child but i relized you might take it to seriosly. You kno what i mean. I dont want your mummy to come after me. I mean i was treating you as a man but when i heard you say “copy cat” i cooled down totally and relized you where only a child. Its ok you dont have to comment anymore. If you like Barca it is okay, put plz dont piss off REALMADRID supportors. GO Watch a vid about Ronaldo.

  8. @TheAwhi calm down before your veins start popping out HAHAHHAHAAAA, if i were were you i would not reply anymore, you’re humiliating yourself, and you dont know how to fight through a screen so how about in real life, damn, good luck with that, copy cat kiddo 🙂 and btw, i searched for lesbianbon, it’s not even on the map YAHAHAHAAAAAA COPY CAT GAY FAGRID FAN LOSER!!!! CRY LOSER CRYYYYYYY

  9. @ferrovic Ok, At least i dont live in Lesbainbon, and i kno ur gay because if you live in lesbainbon you cant get a girl. Fag im giong to telll you this VERY STRAIGHT(unlike you). Get a girl, get a life and stop being so agnorrant, stupid, hard-headed like your little mummy and daddy. I guess your stupidness runs in the family. And BTW if you think i am mad KIDDO, you have no idea dofus.

  10. @TheAwhi I’m glad your’re pissed off, that’s what i wanted 🙂 stay in gayman island, copy cat 🙂 oh and say hi to your sissy dad YAHAHAHAAAAA
    suck ma balls fuckin loser, stop humiliating yourself, kiddo

  11. @ferrovic Gayman island??? You dont know shit about this place. Come over here anyday and we will put a bullet in your head, you understand me? im really pissed off with your bullshit. Really and truly if i live in Gayman which is Cayman the you must live in fag land, if i fuking see you i will kill you.

  12. @TheAwhi lollll so your dad is also a kid, he didnt know what to say either. damn, your whole family is fucked up, what a sick situation. no wonder you people live in gayman island 🙂

  13. @TheAwhi lmfaoooo and now you’re claiming that i didnt know how to reply to your previous comment? i fucked you in every comment dude, you gotta ask your papa how to reply to this 😀

  14. @ferrovic you have nothing to say about my previous comment, so you are saying that everything i said is true. 🙂 P.S And plz learn to spell?

  15. @TheAwhi lol you got fucked in the thraught and you’re still fuckin around. as i said, cry it out loser, i dont blame you 🙂

  16. @ferrovic HAHAHA!!! very funny it shows how much we respec tREAL Madrid unlike you…. You go around claming to be a Barca fan when you go around on the internet picking fights because you have nothing to do…. you are a poor man or Gaylord who doen’t know crap about Barca or gets the info from Wikipedia. Go off and pick on some other Barca fan or something. OR better…. Watch a video and dream about Ronaldo.

  17. @TheAwhi i knew it, you got no answer other than whining and cussing. fine, cry it out loser, i dont blame you 🙂

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