1. Do yu know why I don’t like Barcelona?
    They are too perfect, it’s incredible and not funny!!!! 😀
    The players have the class, they never drink too much alcohol and they just do their work.
    The team take 2 goals per year!!! It’ s not funny! ^^’

  2. Check out this classic match on our official channel;

    Barcelona 6-3 Milan


  3. the other team’s goalie sucks man lol i could’ve saved some of those shots the scored on him lol pfss

  4. My name is Tanser surname Tair i’m from Bulgaria on the 15 years I am I have talent I have only one only one dream to see my idol MESSI interfering and his other team this is my dream. I have talent but in Bulgaria is not how to show him.may I have the good of the best only to have such team to coach football player not was born it shall be set up.FORCAAAAAA BARCAAAAA

  5. barca’s manager doesn’t even get excited anymore, he’s seen too many goals it’s getting old for him.

  6. @jaydtlnd i know what ure talking about, i remember he made something special 🙂 if u got a link for this tell me pls!! visca barca!

  7. well i guess we can see now…how’s gonna be in the final…hehe!!! guess who????
    el real agains el barsa…..yeah….cant wait to watch that match again

  8. @maxitopas he doesn’t, the defenders of almeria suck… he tried to save the first 2 goals but just couldn’t reach it 😛

  9. thanks for upload (to bad>> the qualitie)
    the 5th goal assist was really good.
    messi is the best.

  10. ‘Oh! what a briellent finish by messi as always…. n i have no words to say.The 5th goal assists by him is excellent.Keep it Barca n its always pleasure to watch….!!

  11. @jaydtlnd sorry I could not get the latest goal with better quality so i had to put like that.

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