1. @misfitsg17 no you see the offside rules clearly state that if the ball hasn’t gone passed the last defender then the last defender is the one who creates the offside line, but if the ball HAS gone passed the last defender then the ball creates the offside line therefore higuain was behind the offside line as he was behind the ball

  2. @lionelherc dimaria is awesome witht the passes and sometimes the goles he is very helpful

  3. @ShreddyMan I know it atdhe.net not really high quality though but good enough to watch

  4. Real Madrid vs Villarreal Full Match Download HD 720p 9.1.2011


  5. yo who ever saw madrid play villareal on january 8, yo I’m so mad because madrid don’t deserve it they stink villareal deserve Mourinho is a doosh and i don’t care because villa have been playing good and Mourinh is stupid he lost 5 to 0 and plus madrid have the easy teams while barce have competetive teams so good that they threw a bottle at Mourinho because he stinks he’s selfish

  6. @rmq do you know where i can watch footballl for free online?? spanish league im talking bout

  7. @RonaldoApprentice yeah, it was a shame that barca won 5-0. But still….more chances left

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