1. why the hell did Inesta win the best player in Europe?!! i mean he didn’t score as many goals as Ronaldo or Messi and he wasn’t the king of assists so why did he win it?? you telling me the majority of those people voted for Inesta and ignored the countless number of goals of Ronlado and Messi!! what i think is that the best player was already decided before the votes started and the votes just to make the people in there feel important fuck you UEFA

  2. Sloppy defending in the 1st half cost them the game,they dominated the 2nd half despite being 1 man down. We got La Liga off to a good start just gotta keep it going!


  3. @assassinssubject17 Its only a supercup, barça had won 3 so no big deal, now the season begins well see who laughs last this time

  4. we won the super cup 6 times in a row bitch and you call that luck. but after all you are a barc fan so i should not be talking to you. hala madrid

  5. complete luck that u did not get embarrassed yesterday i mean u did not see how many goals we missed? like higuine alone 4 goals he missed hahaha.

  6. Over all everyone messed up except for Messi, Pedro, Iniesta, and Xavi. Pique caused the Ronaldo goal, Masherano caused the Higuai goal, Busquet caused the Ronaldo goal in the first leg, Valdez caused the Di’maria goal in the first leg that gave Madrid the two away goal advantage.

  7. Messi is absolutely amazing. Adriano is an ass. Messi goal was the best. Ronaldo and Higuia goal was bad defense. We really need to straight our stinky ass defense. Fuck those defenders. Miss Alves and Piqué. Valdez was amazing, hope he was like this at Camp Nou, and not gave away the away goal that cost us the super cup.

  8. Lucky shits, only got the cup thanks to fucks up by valdes mascherano and pique. Messi is still the best

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