1. ok you know what? why can’t madrid score as many goals as that against barca? well you know what let find out now!!!!!!…….

  2. marcelo is getting really good.. i havent seen him play in a long time! he is improving a lot! future r.carlos? :>

  3. Heỵ sοrry ƒoṙ ᑲеіnց oḟƒ ṭoріc, ᑲսt I’ⅿ ѕρṙеаdinɡ mỵ еҳ ɡiṙɭfrienⅾ’ѕ seх tарe аṙouոd. Whỵ? Wеǀɭ, beϲаuѕe ѕȟe’s а ᑲіtⅽȟ. Sհе deѕеrⅴеd iṭ, ѕο gο аȟeаd аnⅾ ᴡаṭᴄh ⅰṭ. Tհe ɭⅰnk iѕ οո ⅿy ρrοƒⅰɭe (ᴢⅰр ρasswᴏrd іs 123)

  4. real madrid can score as many goals as they want to all football teams in th La Liga tournament, all except one. yes barcelona, the only team in the La Liga tournament who can humilliate real madrid as they did last year….thus, nothing to be proud about what happened today against malaga, it was mandatory for rm to win like they did…

  5. @joseakacr7

    yes , and he left the game after he scored the 3rd goal (minute 74) cuz of injury , he could score few more.

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