Ronaldo continues consistent Performance

A few months ago C.Ronaldo was the player that was on fire as the Portuguese player was a consistent scorer but ever since he received his 2nd successive Ballon d’Or earlier in January; C.Ronaldo has managed to stay at that same level. The last league goal that Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Real Madrid was back in January 18 when his club faced off with Getafe.

Cordoba, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Athletic Madrid and Deportivo La Coruna are all of the clubs that Real Madrid has had to face off in the past few weeks and C.Ronaldo failed to score.

Things are beginning to turn around in the Spanish League as is now the man that is firing from all cylinders and scoring goals. The Argentine wonder-kid scored a hat-trick during Barcelona’s match against Levante and Messi simply seems to be unstoppable.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Lionel Messi is the main man of Barcelona, whenever he begins to struggle and fails to score goals on a consistent basis, this seriously affects the Spanish team as they simply aren’t the same squad. If Messi struggles, Barcelona almost always struggle as well and this can also be said with Real Madrid and C.Ronaldo.

Now that Messi is returning to his usual stunning form, Barcelona is also turning into an even bigger team than the one of a few months ago which was unable to win a major trophy in the previous season.

Andres Iniesta believes that Barcelona is currently in a position where they can win everything they set their minds into.

“We’re in a position to win it all. It’s all right there and we have a great team. We’re coming off a down year, and that has really served as a motivator for us. We’re going to try and make sure this season ends happily, with titles in our pockets, and with the fans having fun again,” Andres Iniesta announced.

Barcelona can indeed aim to win anything in their plans but it will only happen if Lionel Messi is on form as he is the main engine and key figure of the club.