Barcelona’s Eyes On Adrien Rabiot

The transfer window is closed but few clubs; especially Barcelona continues to keep a tab on players belonging to other sides. The Catalonian giants Barcelona are still keen to welcome Adrien Rabiot into their team latest by next year. The PSG midfielder has been Barcelona’s top priority to sign for the club from the beginning of summer post; the player did not wish to renew his contract with his current club, PSG. The French international is being convinced by the club to resign, but he is quite firm with his decision to leave the French club soon as the contracts expires.

Barcelona is hopeful and waiting, although they should be careful, especially after what happened in the last season with Antoine Griezmann. Barcelona was quite clear that they would be in agreement as the deal was on the verge of closing. The team was so sure about it and they started to address it in the media as well. They continued to take required steps as they were anticipating the arrival of Griezmann. The No 7 Jersey was not given to Philippe Coutinho as it was saved for the Frenchman. Well, just before the commencement of the World Cup, there came a surprise when the Frenchman refused to be a part of Barcelona. It was a great opportunity, but the player refused to take it up as per Jordi Mestre, the vice president of Barcelona.
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