1. no first time you played against barcelona you were raped 2-1 in a ucl final… BURN!!!!!!

  2. Fabregas hit that ball with so much force .. he was injured for the next 3 weeks ..

  3. For fucks sake, Barcelona have dominated europe for the past 4 years.
    so don’t tell me EPL teams are better than Barcelona

  4. Im not a Barcelona fan, but its stupid arguing with a football fan who has their display picture of their team. It shows your opinion is bias.

    Old Trafford? played their in 2008, before Barcelona became gians.
    Stamford bridge, fair enough but have chelsea ever won in camp nou?
    Since when in the last 20 years have Barcelona versed Liverpool, wtf?
    Emirates, fair enough but have Arsenal ever won in Camp nou?

    Dont be silly you fucking moron.

  5. bumraped?, yeah sure, but you can’t win at old trafford, stamford bridge, anfield, or emirates, sorry but the EPL teams is better by far than LA LIGA teams

  6. If Barcelona merely cant win at the emirites, and Arsenal always get bumraped in the camp nou what does that tell you?

  7. And yet we still support our team. I wonder how many of the shit talking Barca fans of 2013 were cheering on their team when they went 6 years without a trophy a few short years ago?
    Nothing impressive about supporting the best team in the world. Coming to videos just to mock the other teams recent success only shows the real reason you support your team – their success. Fair weather fans are pathetic.

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