Despite trailing 2-0 to the Italian team AC Milan from the first leg, the Spanish club Barcelona managed to complete a stunning comeback and progress to the quarter-final stage of the Champions league following a 4-0 win. The Argentine superstar Lionel Messi was once again the star of the show, as he helped the Spanish club to a comfortable victory. Barcelona were in danger of being eliminated from the competition after their 2-0 defeat in the first leg. This coupled with the numerous defeats in the last few matches have raised questions about the team, but the victory has once again confirmed that Barcelona are one of the top teams in the world.

Lionel Messi scored two goals before the striker David Villa scored the third goal that would put Barcelona in the quarter-final stage on aggregate. The defender Jordi Alba scored the final goal for the club, as he confirmed the qualification. It took just 5 min from Barcelona to open the scoring, as Lionel Messi created his magic. This early goal was extremely important for the club, as it gave them the confidence to score three more in the match. Barcelona played with the level of intensity that made them successful over the last few years.

It had been missing from their game in recent weeks. “When you go through that, the bad days are forgotten. We do not care who we get in the quarter-finals,” said the striker Villa. “We have seen the return of the old Barcelona and now we need to continue in the same vein. With what remains of the season we need to keep playing with the same enthusiasm, intensity and hunger we showed today,” said the defender Alba. Barcelona could face the likes of Galatasaray and Real Madrid in the quarter-final stage of the competition.