1. well, it makes me happy wathing this video, cuz real madrid played very well, and came back with an outstanding comeback, but im so upset that barca won, and it was really embarrasing. but we cant just be upset! we have to keep winning and keep playing good! then everything will be o.k.

  2. barcelona have lost against hercuules in camp nou 2-0 this is emmbarrasing .
    but real won 3-1.we have to win barcelona this season and win them awesomly

  3. @tamoorgheba yes, but let’s not also be too obsessed with Barca.. we need to raise our standards and compete against Inter Milan, Jose Mourinho’s old team, in the Champions League. Inter beat Barca convincingly this year. However, our Dream (not an obsession) is to be a better, uber-efficient team, no matter which team we fight against. Our greatest competitor is ourselves, so we must improve day by day, so victory would be sweeter, not tainted by hate of opponents.

  4. looks like this season the Madrid-Barca showdown is going to be epic, the championship might be decided by a point or by goal difference.
    Can’t wait for El Clasico.

  5. i have a lot of confidence now, at the start of the season, i was like we need this season to make a great team, like we are not capable of beating barca this season… but next season for sure…
    but now i am like, lets do it! this season! lets beat barca! HALA MADRID!

  6. great video….ronaldo,di maria and marcelo did their thing,good contribution by benzema,just the lift the club needed.
    just need to beat milan in midweek and atletico on sunday and we are off to a great november
    hala madrid

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