Isco blasts the media for the Barcelona rumor

In this season of the Spanish League La Liga, Real Madrid’s Isco has seen less time on the pitch with the first team than some seasons before.

The head coach of Real Madrid ZinedineZidane has turned Isco into an off and on player instead of the regular starter that he used to be.

This sudden lack of playing time is one of the things that has sparked an ongoing rumor involving Isco and a potential transfer to Barcelona which is a far-fetched rumor to believe in the first place to believe as why would Real Madrid sell one of their highest-rated young talents to their rivals?

The rumors have been spread so much that Isco has recently had to come out and shut down all of those claims as the 24 year old midfielder said: “We are exposed to this all the time, to everything, rumors and all, so we’re used to it. Now that there’s little football going on people have to make rumors up, I don’t know why. I only talk on the field and I try to do my best for the team.

Earlier in February, Isco voiced his concerns in relation to his lack of playing time in the pitch and it’s around this time when the media started to spread the rumors of him making a move to another club and it’s just not only Barcelona as there are other clubs that have suddenly appear as possible clubs that Isco could join in the near future.

Even Barcelona’s own Andres Iniesta has emerged voicing his thoughts about Isco as the 32 year old Spanish midfielder praised Isco saying that he has incredible talent and that a move to Barcelona would be beneficial for all the parties involved.

Isco is definitely worried about his lack of playing time with Real Madrid and if his current situation continues then a move away from the Spanish club is a huge possibility but Isco said that the media exaggerates and puts everything out in the air even if there isn’t any actual truth or anything behind that.