1. @Tomaldinho9 haha why does it make a difference to you we never lost in the europa league and we don’t need to attract worldclass players we work with our own players. if your team was so good you would have beaten us once at our stadium since the 2004 2005 season. and you know what we dont lose to werder bremen 3-0 or 4-0 whatever the score was in the champions league. and i’m not ashamed to be a juventus fan i love juventus no matter what but your in inter fan you dont know football

  2. @omaraliosman there is no honour losing the Europa League in the group stage. I laugh at Juventus. the club can’t even attract top class players anymore! what a pathetic existence being a juve fan. I feel sorry for you gobbi.

  3. @Tomaldinho9 why are you even watching this video instead of watching our videos go watch your stupid games and we went out of europa league with honour but you wouldn’t know but its okay WE DONT LOSE 5-2 AT HOME SOME CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SUCCESS THIS YEAR

  4. @Tomaldinho9 lets not start this conversation about Inter being the new champions okay. apparently you guys forgot morattipoli. its not calciopli. if you inter fans think we cheated then lets just say Italy and France cheated. because the amount of players that were in the final i a lot more than your stupid inter could ever produce okay so just to make sure you know if morattipoli never happened then you guys would still be trying to get by Ac Milan and Juventus FC haha get your facts right haa

  5. @q8shiaprince and how many other times have juventus killed your dumb team you spent 300 million euros on three players and for the lat 2 years you have not won anything and dont forget that we knocked you out of the champions league in 2003 and in the 2004 2005 season so when you can actually beat us in these past 5 years and if we got owned by you once you got owned by us millions of times

  6. @defeatdeath
    ohh i get fuck face your a barca fan is that right ? thats why you cheer 4 juve yes they beat us more than we beat them but no great team and I MEAN NOT GREAT TEAM FUCKS UR ASS 11-1 HAHAHAHAHHA

  7. @q8shiaprince oh sorry yea the last time you beat juventus was 13 years ago , dont be mad at juventus just because barca fucks ur ass everytime they c u hahahaha

  8. @defeatdeath
    well juventus got owned by real madrid 1998 champions league final not everytime dumbass ^_^

  9. 5:48 buffon to ronaldo: ur too easy kid for me kid, better luck next time.lol

  10. not true, barca only has good names. they lost to inter which on has eto and maicon,

  11. They will win the CL Final with Jose Mourinho! Hope Maicon have to move.

  12. @Muradello LOL. RuBentus is old news buddy. Your glory days are over. Inter is the future. After Inter wins the CL we will have 3 CL to your 2. so go suck moggi’s cock.

  13. @Tomaldinho9 really?and they couldn’t get into the final)suck cock,man,when mourinho leaves u,you will again be a big,oh sorry,a small shit.mourinho is too great coach for such a rubbish team as printer

  14. @Muradello and actually inter was in the semi final in 2003 you dumb cocksucking gobbi fuck

  15. @Muradello i admit juventus has a much better history but thats the past. inter is the new champion now and the future. Rube is dead.

  16. @Tomaldinho9 oh,yes,for how many years you couldn’t get into the semifinal of champions league??45?)lool

  17. @Muradello and about to be CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE with more CL TITULI than RuBentus!!!

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