Barcelona captain Carlos Puyol has said that the French club PSG will be able to challenge against the best clubs in the world in the next few seasons. His opinions were also reflected by the manager of the club Tito Vilanova who was speaking to the Arsenal news website.

Barcelona could only manage a 2-2 draw with the French club in a friendly match. The French club have spent a lot of money on big-name players like Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the last few seasons. It is expected that they will not be challenging for the French league title, but for the Champions League itself this season.

In order to assert their superiority, the French club were playing against the former European champions Barcelona at the ground as part of the pre-season friendly matches. The club are just returning from the US pre-season tour after having defeated the likes of Chelsea. They once again continued their impressive form in the pre-season by securing a 2-2 draw with Barcelona. After the match, the Barcelona defender Carlos Puyol and the manager Tito Vilanova were in praise of the French club by saying that they expect the club to challenge for major trophies in a short time.

“Our opponents should soon rise to power with their new arrivals. The team is capable of doing something in Ligue 1 and also in the Champions League,” said Carlos Puyol after the match. “The match was also important because we played against a team which will have a great role in Europe. They currently only lack a little cohesion between the players. PSG are not far from success after greatly investing in the last two years. It was an important game for us, because we are in the middle of the pre-season with plenty of young players having joined us,” said the manager Tito Vilanova.