1. For all the true Barcelona fans out here who still remember, I have uploaded a video with the 10 best Barca goals.

    From Ronald Koeman to Lionel Messi… From Ronaldo to Ronaldinho… The best goals ever scored by Barcelona players are presented right there!

    Just type /watch?v=iYS9Bpm3KU0!

    Enjoy, comment, rate and check out my channel {/user/sthadjigreghouse?featur­e=mhum}, where you can find some great lyrics videos and some memorable Friends scenes!

    As well, DO NOT HATE!

  2. @Persholm1

    this year messi’s assists is 8 from 11 games wooooooow

    messi is team player but ibra sucks

  3. Messi the first person I ever seen in history of soccer to play such unblievable game. He is all the time making good opportunity for goal and also he is scoring.

    We are your best Fun from Tajikistan

  4. Sure messi scores goals, but sometime he has to pass the ball! he tries that everytime he has the ball, he’s not a teamplayer.. Sure he played the ball to Ibra the first goal, but how often does that happen??

  5. nice 3:08 when all the defenders goes up on Ibra so he just flips it back to Pique hwo is totally free and scores 🙂

  6. just take a look at 3:27 when laporta is looking with a sense of superiority at that fella from racing

  7. i think messi and zlatan together on offence is an amazing thing to watch. they are both so unique in the way they drible and handle the ball.

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  10. messi xavi e ibrahimovic los mejores xavi y messi 1ro y 2do mejores del mundo

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