1. The Rule is:

    If any team has more than 2 Black players, playing is no longer a national team but an African team.

  2. i don’t know what was wrong with finishing??? good preformance but not good enough to score goals i think they should work on finishing

  3. @alexviva I admit…he played well against panathinaikos….but you can’t compare messi to Ronaldo.,,

  4. Is there a stats sheet for this game anywhere? I wanna see how many occasions, shots and shots on target we had.

  5. @WowRoguest What are you talking about? Benzema doesn’t pass? Dude, Benzema is all about passing, he said it on french TV. Watch more of RM’s highlights, Benzema has more assists than you would believe. Not to look too far in my memory, watch the highlights against Club America and tell me if Higuain wouldn’t have made the shot on that first goal. Well anyways, your post was so poorly written that I’m not even entirely sure of that you’re claiming, so I’m gonna hold my horses on that one.

  6. @Alexviva.. 4get everyfing, messi iz ze best player in the world!!!!!!!!! he iz admired even here in Manchester(utd)… utd 4 ever!!

  7. @alexviva but Ronaldo got an injury…he was not at 100% against osasuna..anyway he played well…..not messi,he was invisible in the match against hercules….

  8. @oliech0503 lol like ronaldo took over that osasuna game!!!
    may i remind u that messi had to play 90 min vs spain(a game in which he also chipped the keeper in ) b4 making the long trip to nou camp..

  9. Higuain is better than benzema, Benzema doesnt pass pass balls to crestiano a bit and higuan is good man and he is trying the players dont worry
    he is saving benzema

  10. @waqychan wait, only 10 points, my mistake i forgot valencia lost there for some reason

  11. @waqychan i agree. ono estadi is a ground where only 13 points were claimed for away teams last season. not a bad result at all.

  12. @tenseman08ok fine last 5 years then, i just threw out a number to make a point. ok 5 years 2 league titles that is it. Those are the numbers. second here. look at my comment. did i say anything about barcelona. you jumped to a conclusion that made yourself look foolish and naive. I am completely neutral between the two teams. i really dont like either. madrid fans and overly defensive about real being better than barca which they are clearly not right now. that’s also by the #s. get over it.

  13. @CMachuCa53 5th by about 30 points though. Mallorca are in financial disaster! they’ve lost there manager and weren’t even allowed into the europa league.

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