1. @Freekickerz2 that was a long time ago bar won 2-0 in the cham. leage and rm won copa de la rey and the other times they tied

  2. @RealMadridCF13579 woow your happy? first time they win barcelona vs madrid = 5-0. barcelona vs madrid =6-2 and then finally they win 1-0?! seriously?

  3. @CombatArmsMLG he didnt stomp on his foot did u see? ramos lifted him up and he was fine. he was just faking it

  4. por favor, sólo empezar a ver el vídeo y escuchar el reggaeton ya me he muerto de asco…

  5. @hallofis yeah but i still dont like valdez as a goal keeper and as i said win or loose all always love real like you would barca i respect evry team barca is the best right now but well wait to the super copa the 2 best teams in europe meet and madrid will hopefuly win 🙂 hala madrid!!!

  6. @felix88ful Congratz with the win, and it was Pinto that was in Goal. Not Valdes 😉 Fully deserved win 🙂 Visca el barca! Looking foward to Supercup 🙂

  7. valdez fucken suchs if it wasnt for barcelonas defeans he would get ramed so many time cassilas can atleat save great and important matches barcelona i will see you at the super copa the spana fcb great team good players but i just no that real madrid will beat them cr7 and the rest of real madrid hala!!!!!

  8. david villa isnt no where as good as messi and cr7 heall nvr be as good as them cr7 the best and real madrid the best

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