Cristiano Ronaldo has reassured fans that his future plans for his professional career will be revolving around Real Madrid as he feels that he is quite comfortable over there and can see himself having great prospects in the years to come.

He goes on to say that the Spanish League is one of the best in the world as it manages to bring about and showcase a vast array of talents and skills.

Meanwhile the club’s coach, Jose Mourinho, differs in opinion with Cristiano Ronaldo – he has has mentioned and wants to go back to England once his contract at the Bernebeu expires. Then he plans to stay in England for a very long time, ideally at a big club.

Ronaldo is currently the world’s most expensive player after he was signed over for a transfer from Manchester United for a whooping 94 million Euros which was quite shocking. This six year contract with Real Madrid has also been quite fruitful for him as he is having fun and is also being able to perform to the best of his potential – which has led to many people tipping Portugal to be amongst the contenders at the Betfair Euro 2012 Championships.

He feels that a player should be able to relate to and feel comfortable in the club he plays for and now this is established there is no stopping the player from performing to the best of his capabilities. Cristiano Ronaldo has enjoyed life with Real Madrid so far and hence is pretty sure that he is not going to leave the club for a long time – and with Ronny currently in sparkling form, you could be forgiven for having a bet on Real Madrid that more silverware will follow this year.

Real Madrid are currently on the top of the Championship with a total of 40 points – enough to top the Primera Liga ahead of Barcelona with just half a season to go.