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  2. jaja todos se esperaban que iba a estar parejo ya que estaba neymar, pero no¡

  3. You people gotta recognize that Neymar and Messi play extremely diferent, also Neymar is younger. Also Brasilian clubs are mostly just Brasilians themselves, they can’t afford players from Spain or England, and they can’t keep their good players such as Dani Alves and Pato.

  4. @OrgrisVhal
    no one can defeat such a pro team like barca
    who ever was there would miss that ball !!!!!
    even cr9 or messi ….

  5. That was the worst defending i ever saw in my life… If it was Real madrid they would have maybe losed 0-10

  6. if every thing got in, it would be sick, how many times did cesv hit the bar D:

  7. @LIVVORNNO no its CR7….lol obvoiusly u r a fukkin stupid kid.. u r a clown nothing else. go into the pokemon chatroom

  8. listen guys neymar is only 19 years old and your comparing to probably the greatest player to ever play, he most likely wont turn out as good as messi because its hard to live up to full expectations

  9. As a Brazilian,you guys should know that 90% of my country HATES Neymar!
    He is not bad,not good though….
    Santos ? FAIL !

  10. finally neymar people realize neymar isnt that good he would get smashed in europe hes playing defenders that suck in brasil

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