Zamorano Hails Ronaldo

Inter Milan legend Ivan Zamorano has hailed Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the best talents in the world, and believes that he has helped to lift the Spanish League to a new level.

Before Ronaldo appeared in the Primera Liga, Barcelona were winning the Copa Del Rey and the Liga on an annual basis, and its only now, with Cristiano fully settled in, that Real are starting to compete properly.  They are currently top of the league by two points – putting pressure on Barca that the blaugrana simply aren’t used to.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a true phenomenon” said the Chilean hero.   “He just seems to be at least one step ahead of so many players.  Real Madrid are really benefiting from his presence in the team.”

And its not just with hsi goals that the talented Portuguese striker is making a difference – according to Zamorano he has brought a winning mentaility to the team.

“He is making a real difference with his goals, but also with his attitude.  He might be a bad loser, but that is what I want to see out on the pitch.  As a fan, I love it when I see him chasing back and trying to help Real get back in control of the game.  It isn’t easy to run for so long!”